Imagine your brain, on steroids.

Unblock your creative flow

The only solution for an overstimulated mind.


Find it hard to "get going" with your work?

Find it hard to "get going" with your work?

Make deep work feel effortless with a drink designed to improve cognition.

Yes. Coffee and energy drinks have their place. But when you need to be productive, you need Neutonic.

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    Natural Caffeine

  • "Helpful for any sort of work or study activity when I feel drained"

  • "Feel like every bulb in my brain switched on"

  • "The buzz lasts hours without nasty jitters"


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  • ✅ You have an important project you're working on and you need it to be great

  • ✅ You struggle to mentally "get going" with your day

  • ✅ You constantly find yourself walking away from your desk and distracting yourself when you know you've got a long to-do list

  • ✅  Your work is directly tied to how well you can perform on a daily basis

Meet Our Founders

James Smith & Chris Williamson

Have Any Questions?

Are the ingredients safe?

Absolutely, we take your safety seriously. Our ingredients are thoroughly researched and safe for consumption. For detailed information on the research behind each key ingredient in Neutonic, we invite you to visit our ingredients page.

Can you show me the research?

The science behind Neutonic is rooted in our meticulous selection of ingredients, each supported by robust research for their proven effectiveness.

All statements made on this website are paraphrased from evidence reported in the studies that underpin our research, you can visit our dedicated ingredients page. We are fully committed to transparency and believe in sharing the knowledge, research and science that substantiate the effectiveness of Neutonic.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are substances known for their cognitive-enhancing properties, aimed at promoting mental clarity, focus, and overall brain function. Neutonic, our nootropic drink, embodies these qualities by incorporating meticulously chosen ingredients backed by research to enhance cognitive performance and boost alertness. So, when you're curious about nootropics, consider Neutonic as a practical option to support your mental well-being and cognitive abilities throughout the day.

How does it feel when you drink it?

Drinking Neutonic feels a bit like enjoying your favorite energy drink, but with a bonus. It tastes really great and has a similar flavour profile to leading energy drinks. But as you sip it, you'll start feeling more focused and ready to get things done. It's like having a secret weapon to help you stay on top of your game throughout the day. Neutonic isn't just a drink; it's your great tasting path to enhanced focus and productivity.

Does Chris Williamson and James Smith own this?

Yes! Chris and James are the owners of Neutonic and have been working with a team of experts over the past 12 months to bring Neutonic to market.

Are you available on Amazon?

Yes! You can find us either onAmazon UKorAmazon USA. Just search Neutonic.

Do you offer returns?

We do offer returns for Neutonic, but with certain conditions. We accept returns only if the tray is still sealed in the same condition as it was sent. Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns for opened trays, this is for food safety reasons. Please reach out to our customer support team if you have any concerns or need further assistance with your purchase.

Can I use Neutonic if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Neutonic has a high caffeine content. It is not recommended to consume if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. As well as this we recommend children under the age of 16 and people sensitive to caffeine do not consume it as well.


100% Satisfaction | Worldwide Shipping